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The first gathering of BCSSE was in Nashville. The objectives of the meeting were: investigate The National Research Council’s (NRC) Framework on Science Education, understand the three key dimensions of the NRC Framework, develop plans for statewide capacity buildingidentify tools and resources to support implementing the vision for science education described in the Framework, and gather and synthesize states’ needs with n regard to changing the vision for science education.


Building Capacity Among State Science Education Leaders Understanding and Using the NRC Framework Brett Moulding outlines the goals and objectives of the BCSSE project of CSSS and provides a basic intro to the K-12 Framework for Science Education.

Crosscutting Concepts - Melding Mechanisms, Models, & Minds Richard A. Duschl, Pennsylvania State University, presents on the origins of the science and engineering practices and the crosscutting concepts.

Science and Engineering Practices and the Inclusion of Engineering in the Framework Phillip Bell, University of Washington, presents on the science and engineering practices with a focus on how engineering was included in the K-12 Framework for Science Education.

Understanding the Research Base Heidi Scheingruber, Deputy Director, Board on Science Education, NRC/NAS, describes the research base that supports the NRC K-12 Framework for Science Education

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