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State Assessment

The following resources have been organized by the CSSS Assessment Committee. Please contact them if you have questions.

Assessment resources have been grouped into the following categories:

Systems of Assessment

3D Performance Tasks and Rubrics

Formative Assessment

16 - The Informal Formative Assessment Cycle as a Model for Teacher Practice

18 - How teachers can develop formative assessments that fit a three-dimensional view of science learning

25 - How can formative assessment support culturally responsive argumentation in a classroom community?

26 - How can assessments be designed to engage students in the range of science and engineering practices?

29 - Steps to Designing a Three Dimensional Assessment

30 - Integrating Science Practices Into Assessment Tasks

33 - How to design assessments for emerging bilingual students

37 - Research Brief: Designing an Assessment System that Measures Three-Dimensional Science Learning

41 - Prompts for Integrating Crosscutting Concepts Into Assessment and Instruction

50 - How Can Preservice Teachers Orient to Students’ Ideas and Sensemaking practices?

  • Assessment PD modules with the ACESSE project (in conjunction w/ STEM Teaching Tools)

Session A: Introduction to Formative Assessment to Support Equitable 3D Instruction (60-70 minutes)

Session B: How to Assess Three-Dimensional Learning in Your Classroom: Building Assessment Tasks that Work (60-70 minutes)

Session C: Making Science Instruction Compelling for All Students: Using Cultural Formative Assessment to Build on Learner Interest and Experience

State Science Assessment

Teacher Evaluation

Links to Earlier Work

Large-Scale Assessment Discussion


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