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CSSS Community Projects

During the sudden crisis of the COVID-19 global pandemic, CSSS members embarked on a collective effort to develop guidance and support structures through the Community Projects Initiative which aimed to address the immediate and long-term need of the membership and greater science education community. The documents or resources developed and provided below do not represent official CSSS documents approved by the Board, rather collective efforts to identify and develop resources needed by the community during this time and represent a long standing tradition of CSSS members to support one another and other science educators across the nation in times of need. As new resources are developed for this era of learning, they will be added at the top.

Back-to-School Guidance 2020: Planning for Effective Science Curriculum, Assessment, Instruction, and Well-Being

  1. All five guidance documents together - Google slides | Word | PDF | Powerpoint
  2. Overview - Google slides | Word | PDF
    1. Instruction - Google slides | Word | PDF
    1. Assessment - Google slides | Word | PDF
    2. Curriculum - Google slides | Word | PDF
    3. Social-emotional well-being and Safety - Google slides | Word | PDF

      Thanks to the Leadership and Policy Committee, led by Lauren Kaupp and Lesa Rohrer, for development of these documents.

      Supporting Students’ Science Learning: Immediate School Closure Guidance

      1. Supporting Students’ Science Learning in the Era of COVID (for Educators) Word | PDF
      2. How Can Families Support Student Science Learning at Home? (for Families) Word | PDF
      1. How Can You Support Science Learning At Home? (for Students) Word | PDF
      1. Sample Learning Menus Word | Alternative Version of Learning Menus

      All final documents for Immediate Supports During School Closures, including editable PDF forms can be found here.

      Supporting Students’ Science Learning: Extended School Closure  Planning Guidance 

      1. Supporting Equitable Home-Based Science Teaching and Learning During Extended COVID -19 School Closures (for Educators) Word | PDFs | Editable layouts |All Documents
      2. Supporting Equitable Home-Based Science Teaching and Learning During Extended COVID-19 School Closures: Frequently Asked Questions and Recommendations (for Educators) Word | PDFs | Editable layouts | All documents

      Supporting Students’ Science Learning: Instructional Guidance Documents Supporting At-Home Learning  

      1. Learning at Home: Reimagining the Possibilities (for Educators) PDF | Layout for Editing
      2. Phenomena: Not Just for the Classroom (for Educators and Families) PDF| Layout for Editing
      3. Continuing Science at Home, with Science Notebooks (for Educators and Families) PDF| Layout for Editing
      4. Pass the Science Please - Science Talk Moves (for Educators and Families) PDF | Layout for Editing
      5. Investigation Beyond the Classroom (for Educators)

      All final documents for Supporting Students’ Science Learning: Instructional Guidance Documents Supporting At-Home Learning, including editable PDF forms can be found here.

      Identifying Science Instructional Materials that Support At-Home Learning: A Process for State and District Leaders

      Members of the Council of State Science Supervisors (CSSS) and the National Science Education Leadership Association (NSELA) developed a guidance document that state and local science leaders can utilize to identify instructional support resources that support equitable At-Home science learning. To learn more about the process and the criteria for selecting equitable resources to share with teachers link here.

      Supporting Self-Care: Resources to Support Science Education Leaders During COVID-19

      While the resources and supports were designed for CSSS members they could also be used by CSSS members to support educators in their networks.


      Thank you to the following CSSS members and other individuals who donated their time and expertise to the resources and efforts detailed above.

      Project Organizers:

      Aneesha Badrinarayan, Mike Heinz and Tiffany Neill

      Project Leads:

      Daneil Alcazar Roman, Aneesha Badrinarayan, Lizette Burks, Brian Caine, Maya Garcia, Tom Keller, Matt Krehbiel, Brett Moulding, Bill Penuel and Heidi Schweingruber.

      Committee Members:

      Juan Carlos Aguilar, Annie Allen, Kevin Anderson, Lin Andrews, Philip Bell, James Blake, Amanda Buice, Sharon Cates, Linda Cook, Sara Cooper, André DeLeón, Cheryl Dunham, Erin Escher, Eric Hall, Xochitl Garcia, Susan German, Jenny Hicks, Barbara Hopkins, Lauren Kaupp, John Kitchens, Betsy Lawrencem, Gregory MacDougall, Rae McEntyre, Kristen McKinney, Peter McLaren, Tonyea Mead, Melissa Mendenhall, Hillary Paul Metcalf, Betsy O’Day, Carol O’Donnell,Saundra Lamberson,Melissa Mendenhall, Deb Morrison, Jeanne Norris, Anne Petersen, Jodi Peterson, K. Renae Pullen, Kathy Renfrew, Meg Richard, Lesa Rohrer, Ricky Scott, Trish Shelton, Michele Snyder, Mary Starr,, Mike Szydlowski, Myra Thayer and Kerri Wingert. 

      The developers of these materials extend the deepest gratitude for the following individuals who made voluntary contributions to translating these documents to extend accessibility to as many families and students as possible:

      Arabic – Jeanane Charara & Fatima Charara

      Traditional Chinese – Monique Hwang and Emily Lee

      Chuukese – Joanna Jacob

      Japanese – Marian Okada

      Korean – Mi Young You

      Spanish – Daniel Alcazar-Roman

      Tagalog – Nel Venzon

      Tongan – Milika Meli and Michael Meli

      A special thank you to Sara Cooper for countless hours formatting documents and Phil Bell and the STEM Teaching Tools Team for assistance in formatting and broadly disseminating resources to educators nationally.

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