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About Us

We are a professional organization composed of science education specialists who serve at the state, territorial, or the protectorate educational agency in the United States and U.S. Territories.

The following types of memberships exist

  1. State Members: A state member is an employee of the Department of Education of any state or territory of the United States of America, the District of Columbia, or Puerto Rico, who has been designated by their chief state school officer as having responsibility for science education statewide. In the event there is no employee within the State Department of Education whose responsibility is statewide science supervision, the chief state school officer may designate, in writing, to the President of the Council the official contact person(s) for science education eligible for membership. Each state/territory shall have one vote.
  2. Associate Members: An Associate Member is a former state member of the Council who worked directly for a State Education Agency and no longer meets the criteria in #(1) above. Associate Members have no voting privileges and shall not be eligible to hold any office nor serve on the Board of Directors.
  3. Affiliate Members: An Affiliate Member is a person interested in the vision, mission, purposes, and goals of the Council. An Affiliate shall be awarded membership by vote of the Board. Affiliate Members have no voting privileges and shall not be eligible to hold any office or serve on the Board.
  4. Honorary Life Member: Honorary Life Membership is an honor bestowed by the Council for significant service to the Council of State Science Supervisors, Inc. and/or to science education. An Honorary Life Member is a person nominated by the Board and elected by a majority of the members present at the annual meeting, or at other general meetings of the membership. Honorary Life Members have no voting privileges and are not eligible to hold any office or serve on the Board.

Becoming a Member

Membership is considered when a state member nominates a person who is interested in the mission and has made contributions to science education throughout the US. The board considers all nominations based on the letter of recommendation.

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