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With the purpose of promoting the work of the Council of State Science Supervisors (CSSS) and to facilitate collaboration around issues that the membership and the CSSS Board of Directors (Board) have identified as critical to supporting science education across all state the Board has formed six ad hoc committees. Each ad hoc committee will be led by at least one CSSS state member selected by the Board and will have a Board member assigned as the primary point of contact to the Board. The committee leads will report on committee activity to the Board, at a minimum, on a quarterly basis or, in special circumstances, at the request of the Board. The ad hoc committees are open to participation from all CSSS members. Once formed, the Board will invite all members to join one of the committees. In addition to the specific purpose of each of the ad hoc committees, all committees are charged with communicating their work to the rest of the organization. To facilitate this process each committee will identify a member to serve as a liaison to the Digital Communications committee. These ad hoc committees will remain active as long as the committee and the Board feel that the work is useful for the membership. The Board will evaluate the work of each committee and will decide in the formation of new committees or dissolution of old ones based on the needs of the organization at the annual Board retreat. The Board may also create or dissolve committees at any point it deems necessary.

Current Committees are:

Technology and Digital Communication

Professional Learning
- Professional Learning Standards

Assessing Science Learning

Instructional Resources

Science Across the Curriculum

Equity and Access

ESSA Policy

Climate Change Ad-Hoc Resources
- Climate Change Education Resources

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